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6/16/24 Weekly Messenger

Hancock UCC Weekly Messenger for June 16, 2024


I believe these truths:

I believe in the power of love. I believe in solidarity with the suffering

I believe we are each valuable. I believe that our togetherness is transformative.

I believe that we are all one in union with Christ.

I believe that in our union with Christ, love holds the central place.

I believe in the transformational power of that love.

I believe that over all things, Love wins.


Upcoming services, meetings, events, and opportunities


Join us for Worship in our Sanctuary or on Zoom at 10:00 a.m., 

or watch the recording later on Facebook or YouTube 


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 822 2425 2518          Passcode: 755650


on YouTube at Hancock UCC - YouTube


Please note: Choir and Worship Time Changes


Choir rehearsals are Sunday mornings at 8:45 a.m. until their summer hiatus begins mid-June. All are welcome. Please, join us!


Our Worship Service is at 9:30 a.m.. We hope that this start time will benefit everyone. After giving this a try for the summer months we will bring the matter to a congregational vote prior to Labor Day. 


Pastor TJ will be on vacation beginning June 14th. Sarina Brooks, our student minister, will lead worship on June 16th, and Pastor TJ will lead worship from Wisconsin on June 23 on the Zoom screen and work remotely from there that week.


Schooners of Taunton Bay and Hancock Sea Captains: Friday, June 14,  7:00 p.m. at the Hancock Historical Society building at 11 Captain Bill Road in Hancock. Bob Foss will talk about a number of schooners built in Taunton Bay and the stories told about their captains.

The history of the Franklin built schooner John Paul will be featured. For more information call 902-4039. 


The Lewis family would like to thank TJ, Debbie, Vicky, and the Deacons for everything they did to make our mother's memorial service meaningful and beautiful.  Thanks to everyone who contributed food for the reception and to the kitchen angels for keeping the platters full and the dishes clean!  You helped us celebrate her spirit of hospitality and put on a party she would have loved!


Let’s sign up for Pilgrim Lodge! Registration is open for Family Camp, Labor Day Weekend, Friday through Monday, August 30, – Sept 2. Sign up for all 3 nights or choose a shorter stay. Let Pastor TJ know if you are interested. Scholarships are available. Camp is for everyone!


Upcoming June Birthdays and Anniversaries


17:  Ginny Shaw Coleman    17: David Mack    19: Ron Schwizer       

19: Sandy Phippen      21: Herbie Lounder     22: Jack & Priscilla Hirschenhofer            23: Steve & Mary Beth DiMarco    25: Kenny Houghton   26: Pat Shannon   

29: Ted & Ann Atkinson


Handy Woman for Hire!

Personal care; Food preparation and cooking; Shopping;

Gardening; Interior and Exterior Painting

Lori Stratton


Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:

Prayers for Bruce’s sister Lynn, Sally’s friend, Sue Barger; Dr. John; Ginny Hamm. Prayers for Orrick Damboise, Jennie, and Cathy C.  Prayers for Cynthia’s Aunt Barbara, and William at Golden Acres, both receiving Hospice Care. Prayers for Ruth; Marie; Joyce; Doris; Mary Angela & Nick’s son Joshua; Ron & Kathy; Graham; Jim Snyder; Brandon Perry-Hudson; John Wood; Jonathan Holmes; Sue Davies; Nancy & John & Jonas; Sue Davenport; Austin’s cousin Danny; Liz & Jim; Debbie & Lincoln & son-in-law Aaron, daughter Ashley, and granddaughter Brielle; Kenny Stratton; Joy & David & Lori; Sandy Phippen; Betty & her step-daughter Mollie; Debbie & Hollis & Holly and Debbie’s Aunt Linda Reed; Judith C.;  Amy Nickerson; Tom & Judy’s son Andrew & family. Prayers of strength and healing for all awaiting diagnoses and for all recovering from surgeries & procedures. Prayers for all that are unsafe, unhoused, hungry & in need of care & compassion. Prayers for the people of our nation and of our world experiencing escalating wars, conflicts, and disasters. Prayers for all individuals and families experiencing addictions; prayers for all caregivers; and prayers for all that is in your heart…

From the Sunrise Association


From Our Maine Conference


   As summer envelops us in its warmth, I tend to pause more frequently with an intentionality in looking for the sacred within the ordinary. In this season of Common Time, where the liturgical calendar seems to mark time as "ordinary," there is profound beauty in the simplicity of what summer can offer.

     It's a time of abundance, where the earth comes alive with vibrant colors, The sight of golden wheat swaying in the breeze or rows of ripe tomatoes glistening in the sun reminds us of the earth's generosity. Community gardens and Outdoor markets not only provide fresh produce but also foster a sense of community as neighbors come together to tend the earth and share in the bounty of the harvest. Lakes, rivers, and oceans teem with the playful splashing of otters and the graceful movements of fish beneath the surface, waterways are alive with abundance where families can gather and find a sense of renewal.

     But summer isn't just about the external abundance; it's also about the richness of our internal landscapes. It's a time to pause, to reflect, and to connect with the deeper rhythms of our souls. Whether it's through a quiet moment of prayer beneath a starlit sky or a leisurely stroll through a sun-dappled forest, we can meet God's presence in the stillness and silence. As we journey through the summer months, let's embrace the sacredness of the ordinary. Let's savor each moment, finding beauty and meaning in the everyday experiences that make up our lives. And let's remember that, in the midst of it all, God is present, inviting us to open our hearts to the wonder and mystery of the world around us. In peace and gratitude,

Reverend Sam Houser


Associate Conference Minister

Welcoming Kimberly Poisson as the Maine Conference UCC Office Manager

Kimberly Poisson joins Maine Conference - United Church of Christ in June 2024 as our Office Manager.  Kimberly comes to us with 30 years of finance experience, primarily in payroll processing, human resources and bookkeeping.  She is a motivated, personable business professional with a successful 11-year track record of profitable small business ownership.  Prior to joining us, she was the Manager of Operations for the Maine Celtics, the NBA G League affiliate of the Boston Celtics and also worked as part of the finance team for the Boston Celtics.

In 2005, Kimberly passed the American Payroll Association exam to earn the designation of Certified Payroll Professional.  Passing the rigorous exam places her among the top ranks of the payroll profession.  She brings to the Maine Conference knowledge and proficiency in all facets of payroll operations, including taxation, payroll systems, accounting, management and human resources.

Kimberly is our Office Manager and is responsible for our overall operational needs including Bookkeeping, Cash management, Human Resources, along with serving as the assistant to the Conference Minister.

When Kimberly isn’t working for the Maine Conference, she enjoys spending time with her husband, five adult sons, eleven grandchildren, and a Boxer who is loved by all and the most spoiled fur baby.




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