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Congregational Meeting 7/16/23

A Note from the Church President:

Many of you know that the septic replacement at the Parsonage is complete. The church voted to spend up to $8,000 to pay for that. However, there was so much ledge to break through that the cost went quite a bit beyond that amount. Because the bill needed to be paid, Council used our Emergency Powers (allowed in our bylaws) to direct our Treasurer to use the funds from our Camden Wealth Management cash reserves account to pay the $6,000 overage.

We are required in these instances to call a congregational meeting to approve this action officially. We can also take that time to talk about ways to replenish our Camden Bank account. The meeting is hereby called for July 16 at 10:00 (after church service). That date was already selected for our 2nd quarterly congregational meeting on the "State of the Church" so this order of business will happen before that discussion.

In the meantime, if anyone wishes to make a designated donation to help fund this unexpected but necessary project, please put a note on your check stating it is for "Parsonage Septic".

Thank you.

Pat Summerer, President

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