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Fostering Imagination Survey - due 2/28/23

This morning after the service, The Fostering Imagination team spoke about their latest endeavors. The team has evolved from the group (including alternates) who completed the BTS Center's "Small Church Leadership Community - Fostering Imagination" class last year into a team dedicated to finding ways to keep the church sustainable into the future. In our evolution, we've added members to our team and also continue to draw lessons and inspiration from the five other churches involved in the class.

Since our last class we've taken many of ideas we've compiled from the congregation and the community over the past eight months, narrowed and refined them and now present ten to you for consideration. We want to know which ideas you like the best, which we should move forward with first and which you might be interested in being involved in. Some ideas are more labor intensive, others may be considered longer-range projects. All of them will require at least some planning, implementation and manpower.

A survey was passed out in-person and there's an online survey you may complete. Please only do one survey. The link to the online survey is below. We ask that you rank the ideas in the following three categories: Which do you like the best; Which should we do first and Which would you be interested in being involved in? The survey is straightforward. Click the link below and read the instructions. Please rank the ten options from 1 (your favorite/first choice) to 10 (least favorite/last choice) for each of the three categories. Type your name in the last page (and contact info if you'd like) and submit!

Thanks in advance for your time and careful consideration in this. Once we have an idea of which direction(s) to go, we'll work to figure out ways to implement some of these ideas. All surveys are due by the end of this month, Feb. 28th. And, one thing not mentioned earlier, but if you'd like to join the team, let us know!

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